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Here is a sample for some inspiration.



Who you are; what you do, job role, social handles and website links, etc. Add an image to make it personal.

Favorite feature

What’s your favorite part about Raycast? The Clipboard History, joining upcoming conference calls, jotting down Floating Notes, quick calculations, the new menu bar app; emoji picker, etc.

Most used commands, quicklinks, scripts, and snippets

Which commands do you use every day? Any Quicklinks, Scripts or Snippets you can’t live without? Did you set some up as favorites?

Top extensions from the Store

What extensions did you install from the Store. Share links and images of the extensions in your setup…

Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

How did you customize Raycast with aliases and hotkeys? Did you configure some fallback searches?

Anything else

What else do you value about Raycast? Are you part of the community? Built extensions yourself? Use it with your team? Or something we haven’t asked?