Every team member should have a clear understanding what's important for this month after reading the summary. Keep it short. If something carries over from the previous month, highlight it. Optionally, reflect on other topics of the previous month to set the context.

Project 1: Build feature X

Every project has a title, an owner and a description. You can add relevant links to make it easy to find related material, e.g. a project of your issue tracker. Keep the description of the project short. Most importantly deliver why this project is important. The how is up to the owner to figure out during the next four weeks.

Owner: John

Description: We build a first version of feature X. We got many feature requests and it popped up in our latest user interviews with our most vivid users. The first version of the feature addresses the initial feedback and is the foundation to add feature X, Y and Z afterwards.


Use this section to highlight other topics you want to achieve this month. We use this section to highlight strategic and operational efforts.